General FAQs

You can subscribe to this policy as long as your permanent residence is in Egypt.

  • Diving medical emergencies.
  • Professional liability.

The insurance cover only applies to events occurring within the Egyptian territory.

  • Lower price overall
  • Specifically designed for dive instructors and guides who work and live in Egypt.
  • The Pro Egypt plans are only valid in Egypt.
  • Yes, provided that the residual value of your current insurance is lower than the cost of the new plan.
  • To check whether you can update your insurance, log in with your DAN ID.

The Pro Egypt insurance plans are meant to protect you in case:

  • you suffer from a diving accident and need medical treatment
  • or if you are liable for an accident which has occurred to a third party.

Therefore your students are not covered under your plan; rather, they need their own personal accident insurance.

If you manage a diving centre, you can easily offer short term covers to your students via the Short Term Partner Program.

Once the acute phase of your medical emergency is over, please follow these instructions to file a claim.

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