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If you reside or are citizen of a country comprised in the following areas: Geographic Europe, the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, the Middle East and the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, the countries bordering the Indian Ocean north of the equator as well as the related overseas territories, districts and protectorates of these countries.

Joining DAN may include coverage for diving accidents.

  • If you seek insurance for diving injuries, choose a Sport Member plan.
  • If you are an instructor or dive guide seeking liability insurance, choose a Pro Member plan. Warning: liability insurance may not be available in certain countries.
  • If your family members are divers or snorkelers, we suggest a Family plan.
  • If you wish to join DAN Europe but you are not interested in any insurance plan, just activate your Membership.
  • If you are a commercial diver, write to us to request a tailored insurance plan.

DAN Memberships and Insurance plans last 365 days. Important: if you pay today, your DAN Membership and Insurance plan will become effective no earlier than tomorrow. In addition, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, their activation may be delayed a few days since credit has been done. 

  • It is not automatically renewed, unless you specifically request that by e-mail.
  • You can renew it up to six months before the expiry date. If you renew it in advance, your membership (and insurance plan, if you purchased one) will start as soon as the current one expires, without overlaps.
  • There are no discounts in case of anticipated renewals.
  • You can renew in the “Insurance” section of your MyDAN account.
  • Yes, you can stop the current plan and activate another one, which will be valid for 12 more months. The unused period of your insurance will be deducted from the cost of the new plan.
  • For example, if you change your plan 3 months earlier than the expiry date of the policy, the value of those 3 months left will be deducted from the final price of your new insurance.
  • For this operation to be possible, the price of the new plan must be the same or higher than the current one’s.
  • To change your plan, access your MyDAN > Insurance > Change or renew your plan > Change current plan

The insurance cover for diving-related medical emergencies is valid worldwide, for 365 days.

  • The cover for NON-diving related medical emergencies is only valid when you are travelling abroad, for a number of days which varies according to the plan you have chosen.
  • The third party liability cover is valid worldwide except in the United States and Canada.
  • Whenever possible, the insurer directly takes on the covered medical expenses, so that you do not have to pay upfront.
  • Having said that, direct payment is not always possible – for instance, it is not possible in relation to small amounts or outpatient care.
  • In such cases, you can claim later for the expenses that you had to bear (to that end, make sure you have all medical reports and proofs of payment).

DAN Europe insurance plans feature a coverage for medical emergencies abroad, however it is not a full travel or health insurance.

  • The cover for NON-diving related medical emergencies is only valid when you are travelling abroad, for a number of days, which varies according to the plan you have chosen. E.g.: 90 days a year in the Silver plan.
  • You are not required to let us know whenever you travel outside of your country of residence. However, should you experience a non-diving related accident in another country, we might ask you for a copy of your passport and flight tickets in order to ascertain how many days you have already spent abroad.
  • For more information on this matter, please take a look at the insurance policy at page 13 and 14.
  • DAN will honour our commitments to active members who are already in such countries when any adverse civil conditions present themselves. However, we may not always be able to accept responsibility for delivery or assistance if essential services become compromised or are withdrawn.
  • DAN advises all members already travelling, or with travel plans to visit such countries to discuss this with their travel agent or travel provider, and to take note of their government’s advisories.
  • DAN’s assistance and advisory services will, however, be maintained for those members who decide to travel.
  • DAN confirms that our annual policy cover will remain operative within the confines of the policy wording. This means that DAN member cover for all travel or diving injuries or accidents that are not caused by or arising from or in any way connected with a civil strife remains in place, irrespective of the situation in a country. Insurance or financial assistance will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, subject to policy terms and conditions, but in any event, clearly spelled out to the member requiring these at the time.
    However, members must note that we may not always be able to render the essential emergency services where these become compromised due to any civil unrest, war, terrorism act or revolution.
  • DAN confirms that our short-period cover will likewise remain valid, subject to similar terms and conditions as above, unless our insurers give notice of cancellation.
  • DAN and our insurers do not make any statements as to whether it is safe to or not safe to travel to such countries and thus cannot accept responsibility if the situation on the ground deteriorates further, or if essential or assistance services are not available when required.

After signing up, please fill in the “Medical Information” section on your MyDAN. Should you present any relevant medical condition, our staff will get in touch with you.

  • You will receive your member card(s) by email, as soon as the payment is confirmed.
  • This card will also be available in the MyDAN area and on the DAN Europe app.
  • In an effort to limit the potential negative environmental impact of our operations, all DAN Europe cards are digital.

Please see the specific section of our website.

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